Advanced Sleight of Mouth
5-6 and 12-13 OCTOBER 2024

"Come with me on a journey into the magic of language."
Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts is a world-renowned trainer and prolific author in the fields of NLP, leadership, education, creativity, and health.

And, in 1999, Robert published a great little book which people really loved, and which even today remains his bestseller:

Now, 25 years later, Robert has taken Sleight of Mouth to a new level with his new book
"Sleight of Mouth ll - How words change worlds."

Sleight of Mouth ll, like Reimprinting or Logical Levels, is classical Dilts.

The book is elegant, clear, and it really helps you find the right thing to say at the right time.

And now Robert will be teaching an advanced 4-day workshop dedicated to new Sleight of Mouth patterns and presuppositions.

Here are some examples of what's new

in advanced Sleight of Mouth:

- The fundamentals of illusion

- Holons and hierarchies

- Languaging levels of change

- Filtering negative identity judgments

- Resonance and persuasion

- Developing emotional intelligence

- Engaging multiple intelligences

- One-word reframing

- Chains of consequences

- Leveraging positive consequences

- Dynamics and dilemmas of hierarchies of criteria

-Leveraging a belief to change itself

- Reality strategies and confirmation bias

- Polya patterns

- Red flags – Detecting thought viruses

- Strategies of Genius + Sleight of Mouth

Video invitation from Robert Dilts
Hello everybody, this is Robert Dilts. I am the developer and author of “Sleight of Mouth,” a book about conversational belief change. Sleight of Mouth is verbal magic, like a magician turning one card into another, and enables us to use language to dramatically change perception of the world around us.

Throughout history, Sleight of Mouth has been used by some of the most important politicians, psychologists, teachers and trainers, and I spent a lot of time looking at the patterns we’ll be exploring over two 2-day weekends. The 14 Sleight of Mouth patterns I found are all different ways of using language to reframe, to change meaning.

We will also be looking at examples of how Sleight of Mouth patterns have changed history and changed people's lives. And learn how to use Sleight of Mouth ethically, and how to defend yourself from being manipulated.

Please come and join us. There will be a lot of exciting material. And coming to this program will change your life – I guarantee it.
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Free webinar with Robert Dilts
Sleight of Mouth 2: How words can change worlds!
July 16th, 7 PM CET

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We think that you will really enjoy Robert's warmth, humor, and erudition.

Sleight of Mouth is for psychologists, coaches, trainers, doctors, managers, and businessmen.

And also for husbands and wives, students, parents, and other human beings for whom clear communication and principled persuasion are also important.

This will be a practical training with practical exercises, dramatic demonstrations, and clear answers to your questions.

  • Develop your communication models and skills.

    Learn new techniques and use them effectively in your work and in your life.
  • Use cutting edge persuasion techniques to influence people.

    Master the 14 'Sleight of Mouth' categories to influence ethically in different situations – and to protect yourself from being manipulated.
  • Achieve more.

    Use ethical influencing to get best results in any field of endeavor, and to bring positive changes into your life.
  • Change limiting beliefs, enrich your model of the world, and discover new possibilities

    Transform your mindset to overcome troublesome obstacles and achieve the goals you've set for yourself.
  • Find the right words at the right time.

    Inspire and motivate yourself and others in your personal and professional life.
  • Realize more of your potential with Sleight of Mouth.

    Rise to a new level, achieve recognition, and go for your dreams.
You won't want to miss this one!
Sleight of Mouth 2:
Advanced 4-day live online workshop
with Robert Dilts

October 5-6 and 12-13, 2024

11 am to 5 pm CET classes with Robert
networking from 5 to 6 pm CET
Sleight of Mouth Packages

If you want to study advanced Sleight of Mouth with Robert Dilts live in October, we recommend first studying the video of the first Sleight of Mouth workshop.

Robert's explication of the first Sleight of Mouth model is the foundation upon which the advanced model will be constructed.

And familiarity with Robert’s teaching will certainly facilitate learning the advanced material and exercising competently during the Sleight of Mouth 2 workshop.

Moreover, the complete Sleight of Mouth 1 workshop package – which costs $745 by itself – is available for only $300 when you buy the advanced Sleight of Mouth workshop package.

The early bird price for the advanced Sleight of Mouth workshop is $555. It will be going up.

But if you buy the comprehensive Sleight of Mouth package right now, including both workshops, you pay only $855.

Take a look below:

Payment plans are available for all the packages.

Advanced Sleight of Mouth live

Early bird price: $555
Live participation in Zoom with Robert Dilts

Video recordings of the 4-day workshop

Theory, demonstrations, exercises, and Q&A

Access to the video recordings for 3 months
can be extended

Workshop slides and booklet

Membership in the private Telegram group for exercises, information and networking

Monthly Practice group


Hero's Journey and 5 Rhythms:
Video recording of 2-day workshop with Robert Dilts and Deborah Bacon-Dilts.
Sleight of Mouth 1 video + Advanced Sleight of Mouth live

Early bird price: $855
Complete Package 1+2

Everything included
Sleight of Mouth 1 video


Video recordings of the 4-day workshop

Theory, demonstrations, exercises, and Q&A

Access to the video recordings for 3 months
can be extended

Workshop slides and booklet
membership in the private Telegram group for exercises information and networking

Monthly Practice group


Sleight of Mouth 1987 – Vintage Recording from Robert Dilts, 2-day workshop

Transform Conflict to Cooperation: Somatic modeling of opposites in Coaching

Bolstering your immune system with NLP

Somatic Modeling and Accessing Somatic Intelligence in Coaching

Coach State to Wholeness

  • 4 days with Robert Dilts on Zoom
    All participants will be with Robert live on Zoom. During the training, you will be able to ask him questions directly and get comprehensive answers.
  • Practical Exercises
    There will group exercises and exercises with 1 or 2 partners in Zoom breakout rooms.
    On each day of the workshop, you will practice and learn numerous strategies for using Sleight of Mouth to change limiting beliefs.
  • The chance to be chosen from the Lottery for individual coaching with Robert Dilts
    On each day of the workshop, 1 or more participants will be chosen from the lottery to work directly with Robert. He will personally coach the winners live during the training, reframing and transforming obstacles and giving specific, step-by-step instructions to achieve their goals.
  • Private Telegram chat
    You will be part of a vibrant online community of like-minded people: entrepreneurs, coaches, practitioners, behavior change specialists, psychologists, consultants, and teachers. These are successful people who want to learn even more.
  • Access to videos for 90 days
    + gifts from Robert
    Professional video recordings of the workshop will be available free for 3 months, and can be renewed for as long as you like to review and study. You will also receive a workbook, slides, a map of the Sleight of Mouth patterns. And all this is in addition to the audio and video gifts from Robert.
  • Sleight of Mouth Certificate of Completion
    This beautiful Certificate, with Robert Dilts' signature, will look great in your portfolio, and will show that you have studied with Robert Dilts and successfully completed the Sleight of Mouth program.
Register for the 4-day online Sleight of Mouth 1 & 2 workshops with Robert Dilts and receive:

SofM 1. "Sleight of Mouth, 1987 vintage video
7 hours workshop first published in 1987, Robert Dilts
Sof M2. Heros Journey and 5 Rithmys– Recording from Robert and Deborah Bacon-Dilts,
8 hours workshop video first published in 2008
4 recordings by Robert Dilts​​​​​​​:
a. Transform Conflict to Cooperation: Somatic modeling of opposites jn Coaching
b. Somatic Modeling and Accessing Somatic Intelligence in Coaching
c. Bolstering your immune system with NLP
d. Coach State to Wholeness
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